In 1834, we were helping newcomers with access to doctors, lodging and food. Today, the charitable efforts of the St. George’s Society are as diverse as the City of Toronto itself. Our members are passionate about making a difference: funding medical research, providing access to long-term medical care, empowering youth with a university education, supporting a flourishing arts and culture community, and more.

Funds are generated through individual member donations and our fundraising events, including the high-profile Red Rose Ball, which produces nearly a million dollars in donations for charities each year.

Become a St. George’s Society Supported Charity

St. George’s Society helps fund charities in four areas: education, social and community services, health, and the arts. We are currently accepting applications for one-year funding only.

Applications for funding must be sent electronically to, and addressed to the Charitable Trust Committee. Paper submissions will not be considered. Honouring our long tradition of helping in the city, groups must be in the Toronto area.

The majority of funding decisions are made in May after the Red Rose Ball, once our donations budget has been established. To find out more about the charities we have supported in the past, please visit our Charities We Support page.

Submissions for funding should be made by early spring and must include:

  • A 500-word proposal of how the requested funds will make a difference to your organization (less than 500 words is accepted – we value precision in thought and concision in writing). We will not read past 500 words.
  • Background and history of organization.
  • List of Board of Directors.
  • Staff breakdown (number of employees, not names).
  • List of corporate, foundation, and private donors.
  • Audited Financial Statements for the last two years.

A Dream For The Future (Common Ground Co-operative: A Beneficiary Funded by the St. George’s Society of Toronto Charitable Trust)