George is a young professionals’ society, where members hold common interests: a sense of devotion to Toronto, a passion for community development, and a love of all things British

Like the British culture itself, George fosters a strong sense of belonging by interweaving diverse cultures and backgrounds to create a distinct identity. Our events boast a British flair for occasion with a dash of playful celebration, where the next generation of Torontonians can discover a world of opportunity and influence.

Our Mission and Vision

George endeavours to celebrate British culture in Toronto, support a flourishing metropolitan community, and engage in charitable works across the city.

We are a modern, playful, and sophisticated social club where young Torontonians can experience the best that our city has to offer. The St. George’s Society of Toronto has become renowned for the patronage of worthy Toronto institutions, and George wants to empower the next generation of St. Georgians to carry on its long standing history of giving.

Get Involved

The George Society seeks to engage young professionals in charitable and social activities that synergize the best that Toronto and the British culture have to offer. While boasting a British flair for occasion and sophistication, George is also committed to giving back and doing good deeds that will enrich the lives of all Torontonians.

George members enjoy exclusive offers from organizations affiliated with the St. George’s Society of Toronto. George members will go on to become members of the St. George’s Society of Toronto, Canada’s most established charitable institution.