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THROWBACK THURSDAY:  Food for the Hungry

Marc David, President of The St. George’s Society of Toronto in 1928, Fills A Food Basket For The Needy


On April 23 1834, at the British Coffee House on the corner of King and York streets, a group of citizens gathered to celebrate the Feast of St. George inspired by the bravery and generosity of England’s patron saint. They founded The St. George’s Society of Toronto and become agents of change within the city. The Society provided food, medical services, and financial support to individuals in need at a time prior to when governments provided a social safety net. Today, The St. George’s Society of Toronto continues to honor its legacy by supporting numerous front-line beneficiaries annually via its Charitable Trust Fund.

Do you know of a beneficiary within the City of Toronto that helps those in need?  Encourage them to apply for funding from the The St. George’s Society of Toronto Charitable Trust via the Society’s webpage (  Applications for funding should be sent electronically to, and addressed to the Charitable Trust Committee.

This year’s Red Rose Ball that generates funding is taking place in October.  As such, funding applications should be received by the end of October.  Funding decisions will be made in November and communicated to applicants in early December.

Submissions for funding must include:

  • A 500-word proposal of how the requested funds will make a difference to your organization (less than 500 words is accepted – we value precision in thought and concision in writing). We will not read past 500 words.
  • Background and history of organization.
  • List of Board of Directors.
  • Staff breakdown (number of employees, not names).
  • List of corporate, foundation, and private donors.
  • Audited Financial Statements for the last two years

Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact The St. George’s Society of Toronto via telephone at (416) 597-0220.


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