Mayor David Miller joins St. George to officially proclaim an entire week in Toronto to honour the Society’s 175th anniversary. The six locations of the Duke Pub chain had an entire month of celebrations.

St. George (280-303 AD), a prominent and wealthy official for the Roman Empire, was made a martyr for publicly defending the rights of Christian soldiers. Before being put to death, St. George gave his fortune to the poor. St. George is the patron saint of England.

On April 23, 1834, at the British Coffee House on the corner of York and Wellington Streets, a group of British citizens gathered to celebrate the Feast of St. George. Inspired by the bravery and generosity of England’s patron saint, they founded the St.George’s Society of Toronto and became agents of change within the city. Although it was originally founded to assist immigrants of English and Welsh origin, the Society provided food, medical services, and financial support to individuals in need, regardless of their national origins.

Today, the members of the St.George’s Society of Toronto are impassioned patrons of culture, education, health care, and charitable institutions across the city. Many of the city’s most influential leaders in politics, business, education, and the arts have been members, including Sir Henry Pellatt (of Casa Loma fame), Sir Robert Baden-Powell, George Gooderham, and former Prime Minister Robert Borden.

The St. George’s Society of Toronto is a registered non-profit organization. Through its member donations and fundraising events, the society donates to over 20 charitable organizations annually.

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