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Common Wealth for a Common Good.
The generosity of people like you is needed to carry on this worthy tradition.
On April 23, 1834, a group of citizens changed the future of Toronto.


Toronto has changed enormously since 1834, but what has not changed is the Society’s dedication to providing financial support and assistance to institutions that help Toronto thrive as a cultural mecca.


Since its inception in 1834, the St. George’s Society of Toronto has become a stalwart symbol of British and Commonwealth heritage. It has united Torontonians from all walks of life in camaraderie, and support for their community with charitable giving.

Our History in Toronto

St. George (280-303 AD), a prominent and wealthy official for the Roman Empire, was made a martyr for publically defending the rights of Christian soldiers. Before being put to death, St. George gave his fortune to the poor. St. George is the patron saint of England.

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The St. George’s Society of Toronto

A Dream For The Future (Common Ground Co-operative: A Beneficiary Funded by the St. George’s Society of Toronto Charitable Trust)